Friday, 11 May 2012

Park Bench

Here's another background for my project. I need to get a move on with these but they take so I long, well I take so long to do them! I'm use to painting everything so I always do it in that style but it takes forevz. My tutor kept telling me to loosen up and to not worry if some colour is out of the lines and if the lines are not straight and perfect. I tried to take this approach because it would save me loads of time and because my tutor told me to.... Here's a visual of the park, I'm going to draw some characters in situation using this background. There's a few texture and shadow issues I need to sort out but for now this is how it's going to look like.

I've Made A Book, Mayyyte!

One part of my project to present all my work in a book to be printed and given to my tutor. I have to honest, this was something I was gonna leave to last minute and I didn't plan on getting it printed as I knew it would be rushed. I haven't even finished all the visuals to go into it but my tutor said he wants a copy of everyones and doesn't mind having unfinished stuff inside as long as it's done. After that talk I went back to my flat and did not move from my computer until it was done! So glad it's out of the way. There's many things I want to change such as character outlines, the actual name of the series! and putting in better final work, but the deadline is approaching so it had to be done. It's being delivered a day before the deadline. EEEK.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Creepy Cereal Boxes

I'm on season 2 of Lost! I literally watched season 1 yesterday as I was doing work. Staying up and having no sleep. I actually left my flat today, it had come to point where I needed to leave and get food... It was so odd being out in the sunlight and having some sort of human interaction. Haha. I've been attempting to do the graphic side to my project and the plan was to finish it all today but its looking unlikely. Need to snooze!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Get Yo Ice Cream!

A lil ice cream van! Need to think of a name to put on the van really. Shall get back to that...

Car Designs

I've been cracking on with the props and vehicles element of my project. I'm determined to get them done, along with the graphic design area for the weekend. I spent yesterday drawing everything out, I literally didn't move from my desk in my flat. I found it physically hard to get out of my chair by the afternoon.  I've been doing some photoshopping today while watching Lost from the start. It's actually helping me work well, which is odd, however I'm still doing everything so slow. Spent about 4 hours on these designs, and I still have a few more to do for tonight. Photoshop seems to mess with my head, looking at it so much is making me go slightly mental :d

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Some Messy Womanly Poses

2 weeks off work now! Yeaaah boy. This means I can focus on all my uni work as the deadline is in under 3 weeks. I take ages to do photoshopping and what not, so I've been rushing trying to get most of my character work done. Everything else is being neglected. I shall neaten these up when I have some time.....maybz