Saturday, 30 April 2011

Line up Colours

Now I know all the colours I'm using for my characters I've created me line up. However after speaking to my tutor the sizes are going to be changed...Buzz is just too huge. Here's the rough line up anywho.

Friday, 29 April 2011

St Fagans Life Drawing

I'm not very good with watercolour, find it too hard to use! Heres the best I could come up with. I used a lot of coloured ink for the outline.

Arcade Life Drawing

Quick continuous line drawing messing around with colours.

John Lewis Life Drawing

Started a project at the beginning of the year that involved going out to locations and drawing buildings, now the deadline is coming up..I realised I've got loads to do! Woops. Decided to do some scanning today and seeing if I can add colour in photoshop. After looking at artists that I've looked at for me essay (which I'm supposed to be finishing), I decided to do a piece in the style of illustrator Claire here is my attempt!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Long Road

Another background! Well...unfinished...


The apparent italian lookin woody! Finally sorted out the colours and made a model sheet for him. I've used so many line colours on these characters, I just made much more work. Need to start doing his poses now.

Tappety Tap Tap

An image from me title sequence...still not fini. I need to add text to the taps! Well a neater version :)