Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Beach Pier Background.

I'm working on backgrounds for a former classmate's masters film a the moment. Exciting :B Look at his work HERE!
The film takes place on a pier - I was given great reference photos and some artists work to look at. This is the main artist that the backgrounds were supposed to take inspiration from! Janet Bell - so cute and simple, and I love the colours.

Janet Bell

I wanted my version to have similarities but with added shading and I guess my own style of drawing - even though I don't feel I have a particular style really. 

These are a few props of trees and houses that would be in the backgrounds with the added Janet Bell twist.

And this is one background I've kinda finished..ish! I won't post anymore for now as I don't wanna spoil the film!

Hair Doodle.

I think I'm actually going to use this as a proper blog now..finally. I tend to post all final finished things but they will go straight on my webbysite. 

Rushed sketchy, random stuff can hide here then. We'll see how long that lasts. This guy isn't fond of his new 'do.

Whut The, Doodle!?

I'm terrible with organising my mac sometimes. Finally cleared it all and started again but I still managed to find things hiding in folders. Sneaky.

I tend to doodle in Photoshop and then save it...somewhere and never see it again! So I found this "masterpiece"  When did I do this!? I'm scared.