Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tree Silhouettes Background

Been working on more collab work today, been looking at Photoshop for 8 hours straight and I'm feeling slightly dizzy writing this. Photoshop, why no let me see!? Hopefully what I write will actually make sense. This background has been slightly tricky as it has to be able to link up to be on a constant loop. I use so much texture that it's hard for it to perfectly match up. Ended up making a space at the beginning and literally copy and pasted it at the end of the image. Yes I'm cheating. So shall loop. I'm moving away from the computer now before I die.

More Neighbourly Colouring

I'm still trying to figure out what colours are best for the clothing of me characters and working out different styles. I've been using this texture which I randomly found on my computer, from yonks ago when I was messing around in Corel Painter. It kinda gives a watercolour effect so might use that throughout. My tutor suggested doing more colour sheets with proper clothing texture instead of plain colour so more work to be done. Still have another 3 characters to do sheets for first. I'm trying to get my dissertation out the way so I can focus on my major project. 4500 words down, but still nowhere finished. Written too bloody much ain't i :(

Friday, 3 February 2012

Neighbourly Colour Tests

So far 2/6 done! Taking a while. Here is another colour test sheet of one of my neighbour characters.

Stu Pidman Colour Tests

I've finally started some colour tests..wayy! I say "tests" but I've only done one so far... I've been spending too much time on my collaborative work than my major project. Really need to get going. I found that my other characters still need a lot more developing so need to sort that out before I can start the colour styles for them.
I decided to update my blog with this image as I quite like how the colours work together. A plain white background was getting a bit of a bore :P