Sunday, 30 October 2011

Houses and Perspective

I've spent all the weekend trying to learn a bit more about perspective as I really like drawing backgrounds but I find that's the area that lets me down. We've started initial ideas for our major projects in uni and I have to make an art book of my chosen idea for a tv series, short etc. I've been struggling to think of ideas, I've just been wasting days sat looking at the computer screen hoping some idea would just pop in my head. That didn't happened. All I got so far is about this "perfect world" with a secret hiding underneath it all. I don't even know what the secret is yet! It's all about this weird character who moves in to this society and uncovers their secret maybe. Anyway I wanted to design the neighbourhood for this kinda idea so weekend full of houses it was! After putting them up, I've realised some of the perspectives are wrong already...more practice it is.

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