Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Second Year!

I'm a blimmin' second year now. It's going too quick, nearly halfway through.
For the beginning of the year we started to do many mini projects that lasted about 2 weeks each.

Background Design

I chose to do a seaside town for my background, as I liked the small assorted coloured houses. It was actually inspiration from my flatmate Jade after visiting her house in Portishead, Bristol.
I drew the image first and scanned it in and photoshopped the rest. It was difficult trying to work out lighting, shadows and the perspective but it's not too bad for a first go!

Flour Sacks Animation

This project was to animate two flour sacks interacting with two different personalities. They somehow had to get across the crevice. I think I could have put more interaction in me animation and make emphasise the bigger sack's personality more.

Advert Animatic

A previous project was to storyboard an advert, I chose the Lynx chocolate man ad. With these previous storyboards we had to make an animatic in Storyboard Pro.

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