Thursday, 18 November 2010


Before I went to university, the only thing I specialised in art wise was painting. Most of these were done for my A Level and some done in my spare time. I actually miss painting now! From doing these I've found it much easier when doing work digitally
This was my first piece for the start of my A levels. It had to be a self portrait, this is mainly a picture describing my shyness.
I took the idea from my self portrait and used the idea of hiding your identity to link to my next paintings. This isn't an original. This is a copy of a painting by Jim Warren. His paintings are too good!

This portrait is about using camouflage to hide yourself aka Leopard Lady!
Painting that still links up to the previous too about hiding your identity. It's mainly about ripping off the mask and showing who you really are in a way.

This is a painting of Helen Mirren. The brief was about using another artist's style while creating a piece of artwork. For this I used Van Gogh's as an example. I did this by painting the individual brush strokes which created much more texture, especially on the skin.
After the painting of Helen Mirren I moved on to the same effect with the dabbing of the paintbrush to add texture to skin. I wanted the portrait to be slightly different, so I had the idea of these disjointed strips.

Van Gogh and Helen Mirren mix match!

Animal Rights brief! I was mainly looking at how animal's skin/fur are used for products, clothes etc. This one focuses on snakeskin.

Zebra lady!

Where's Wally?

More zebras!

My paints and water jar - Expressive use of colour brief.

Art & Music brief. I fool you all I don't play the violin!

Splatter Dave Grohl. Background inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Paolo Nutini and the magic piano that turns into pastels.

Big Hare!

Stealing the hare's eyes as buttons for my knitted jacket.

Study sheet for my clay pot. The Claw!

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